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The 'humans are wired like this' argument.

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This "humans are wired" is sadly not an uncommon argument used by many people. I have heard it so many times by various types of characters. My friend who used this argument is a very nice man, though I can't say I know him 'very' well, I do know that he is a very charitable and giving man so I was somewhat surprised that he wrote this. It just goes to show how ingrained this kind of argument has become that we come to accept it as true and stop questioning its merit.

I don't subscribe to the 'humans/men/women are wired like that' theory anymore because we as humans are capable of thought and change - and we've been doing exactly that since our existence.

This argument ultimately transparent and mostly used by those in privileged positions to excuse selfish behaviour so they can continue to serve their own agendas whilst remaining blameless for the consequences of their actions. "I'm wired to sleep around, I can't help it", "I'm wired to shop, I can't help it", "I'm wired to over-eat, I can't help it" "I'm wired to look at children in a sexual way, I can't help it", "I'm wired to fight, I can't help it" ...... I can keep going with the different ways people use this argument to excuse selfish behaviour.

I believe if you can think about it, if you can acknowledge it, then you can change it.

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