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Folio |01
Folio |01 On Stage

I have performed in numerous productions and in various theatres around Sydney, such as Sydney Opera House, Griffin Theatre, Pilgram Theatre, PACT Theatre and The Performance S. I have performed using two monikers: Paulina Kelly and Paulina Polievkova.



Folio |02 Art

I merely experiment with art and feel I am only just beginning to find my voice within it.


I am currently in the process of creating a series of photographs that consider the way females are portrayed, advertised and seen by media. This work is an extension of a previously made drawing I made in 2012. It is a work in progress.


Folio |02
Canned Woman - a process
Canned Woman - after Warhol
King of Cats
Tea Party with Figaro
Froggy candlestick
Mama after Matisse
Mr Hawaii
The Goddess Within
The Goddess Within
Folio |03
Folio |03 Photography

Sometimes I witness something so special I want to hold on to it for a moment longer. Other times, I'm fiddling about and accidentally take a photo that's just as intriguing.


2014-05-28 09.52.50.jpg
This is just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>
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