Folio |01
Folio |01 On Stage

I have performed in numerous productions and in various theatres around Sydney, such as Sydney Opera House, Griffin Theatre, Pilgram Theatre, PACT Theatre and The Performance S. I have performed using two monikers: Paulina Kelly and Paulina Polievkova.



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Folio |02 Art

I merely experiment with art and feel I am only just beginning to find my voice within it.


I am currently in the process of creating a series of photographs that consider the way females are portrayed, advertised and seen by media. This work is an extension of a previously made drawing I made in 2012. It is a work in progress.


Folio |02
Canned Woman - a process
Canned Woman - after Warhol
King of Cats
Tea Party with Figaro
Self portrait 2012
Froggy candlestick
Mama after Matisse
The perfect rest
Mr Hawaii
The Goddess Within
The Goddess Within
The woman is a snake
Folio |03
Folio |03 Photography

Sometimes I witness something so special I want to hold on to it for a moment longer. Other times, I'm fiddling about and accidentally take a photo that's just as intriguing.


2014-05-28 09.52.50.jpg
This is just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>