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I was born in Michalovce, Slovakia. I remember the country for its fields of poppies and sunflowers - both my favourite flowers to this day.

One day when I was five years old my mother packed a single maroon leather suitcase, she took me and my sister to the train station and we escaped the Communist regime. The journey was fraught with fear because of our possible capture but the outcome was glorious.


Australia welcomed us as our new home. 


As a child I was never without a pen, pencil, crayon or texta in my hand and I spent my days drawing, writing, and making board games. As I grew older I enjoyed playing out characters I concocted and upon leaving high school I studied the craft of acting and became a stage actor for several years. But writing still intrigued me so I started to dabble in writing short films. I embraced it like a cat chasing a feather toy and in 2008 won an award for Best Short Story at the Monaco Film Festival for 'Clowning Around'. The award spurred me and I continued to write including more films and sitcoms to my resume. Desiring to perfect my skills I completed a Bachelor of Communication in 2013 and my fate was sealed - writing was in my veins. 

I decided to concentrate on writing children's picture books that celebrate gender balance and/or gender free characters. In the next few years I hope to develop a series of books, as well as include books by other authors that meet this criteria, under a "Free Gender" umbrella (trademarked). This allows parents to know which books don't stereotype gender and allows their children to read stories without being positioned in a particular way, something that is being requested more and more each day.


Today, I live in the Blue Mountains with my cat Vitruvius and when not writing spend my days saving garden lizards from Vitruvius' persistent need to taunt them. I have several projects going at the moment and oscillate between them because I find each gives me something fresh or new to consider.

I usually have five or more books stacked at my bedside ranging from children's picture books to adult non-fiction. 



Inconsequential facts about me:


  • I twirl my hair when I'm deep in thought (and even when I'm not)

  • I don an authentic 1980s tennis visor when I'm writing 

  • On road trips I make an effort to find the most undrinkable coffee

  • I like pushing buttons especially in toy aisles

  • I get incredibly frustrated when people leave cupboard doors ajar

  • I can still do a cartwheel

  • and yes, I use a 'special' voice when I talk to my cat.








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