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The Canned Woman - the completed image

The Canned Woman extra ingredients.jpg

After many edits and workings, I have finally completed the first stage of The Canned Woman and am thoroughly thrilled with the final image. I posted it on Twitter and had a positive and good retweet response, though not as many as I fantasized I might get. *sad face*

I am still thinking about and planning the next stage of the project, which I discussed in an earlier blog post. Ultimately I would like it to progress naturally and comfortably so I'm being patient (not my greatest quality) and trusting the right path will present itself.

Feminism (which is the empowering of both sexes, in case you don't know) is being questioned on a daily basis. The recent Facebook page 'Women Against Feminism' started to gain momentum lately and is increasing daily, it is a prime example of how many people still misunderstand the aims of Feminism. I read two insightful articles, one by Ruby Hamad and one by Laurie Penny, that are a powerful reminder to everyone why we still do in fact need feminism. Media plays an important role in how women are percieved. Why the insist on bolstering ridiculous stereotypes when they can choose to do better is beyond me, but they still do it.

My hope when I designed this image was to present in a simple and creative way the indoctrination of stereotypical ideas media has been touting to us for years without taking any responsibility for the consequences.

And hey, if you like the image or have something to say to me, go on and let me know.

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