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The Canned Woman - moving forward.

Art! I I love experiencing it, I love thinking about it and I love producing it. It can speak to people in a much simplier way than words sometimes.

My latest visual inspiration came out of the frustration I felt in the way women and girls were being portrayed in the media. This includes magazines, books, (picture to non-fiction), film, newspapers, television, advertising, etc. It is possibly more accurate to state that the women media like portray are those that they find acceptable to advertise and promote: beautiful, caucasian, blonde, sexy, and, well, you can fill in the rest. My angst, of course, is nothing new. Many a woman and man have spoken about their distaste and frustration of women's portrayal or lack thereof in society, and yet media keeps reminding us that they give society what society wants - really? So, I know I am not blazing any trails here but this is my sweet little personal path.

Today I simply want to share the next stage of my project. I came up with the idea many months ago and made a template of my vision. Since then, though the image hasn't dramatically changed, the presentation of it has. Where I originally imagined just a drawing now I envisage an exhibition of photographs - but who knows how tomorrow will inspire me.

I've called it The Canned Woman because my inspiration grew from Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup images. I recently completed another step toward the finished product and I'm so excited that I just had to share it. I know most artists don't like to share an unfinished product, but darn it, I'm so god-damn happy, what do I care? Sure, there are some minor (and easily fixed) design issues but overall the concept is looking perfect - and how often is one confident enough to use the word perfect?

Well, I am today!

See here for a close up of the Ingredients.

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