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Where is my story idea?

Sometimes the hardest part of writing is generating ideas.

As a writer of children's literature who doesn't have children my greatest fear is drying of story ideas - and it has happened, many a time.

My heart palpitates, I begin to sweat and then the dreaded and destructive seed of doubt creeps in. I almost (so damn nearly) convince myself I haven't a chance in hell of ever writing for children.

Then I have days like today.

After a 10hr working day I come home and try to generate some story ideas. Why I do this when I'm so exhausted I could sleep through an elephant stampede I don't know, but I tell myself I have to try.

I won't lie, I pour a glass of wine and google for inspiration. Within minutes I have seven, that's seven - and clearly I'm excited - story ideas to explore. Some of them are so fantastic I can't wait to wake tomorrow to start exploring them. Others have potential (I hope) but still need a lot of thought.

My point is this: don't write yourself off - EVER!

Trust that you have the ability and capabilty, drive and passion to get you through the times when everything around you tells you otherwise.

Just keep learning and trying and persevering toward your goal.

I know I will.

How will I do this? Well, one of the ways is to join PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month), a month of generating picture book ideas to try to stretch myself and my imagination.

Of course there are many other ways too so feel free to share yours with me.


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